Which Sleep Position is the Best?


Ever wake up in the morning feeling sore and achy even the mattress is new, got the best pillows or even the most excellent blankets? If this happens, one better reevaluates how he or she sleeps. Unusual position of one’s spine can be caused by lying flat on his or her back, which can strain the muscles, joints, and nerves.

The key to this problem is not on your bed or bed sheets but, it is in your best sleep position. As people age, different kinds of needs also change help not that much need, but no one can deny that fact that everyone still need a sound sleep at night.

Sleeping is vital to everyone and the hours of sleep differs based on the activities during daytime and the sleeping positions. There are different kinds of sleeping positions that aid daily workload and what the body needs.

The three basic types of best sleep position that suits a person:

  1. Sleeping on your back.

It may not be the most common sleeping position, but it has a great benefit because sleeping on your back gives the body a straight position and allows the organs to breathe freely by giving it more space. Since the body is on sleep state, the body will have more time to breathe and waking up the next day would a person feels great.

  1. Sleep against your abdomen.

Sleeping on the tummy is not a very popular position, but some people love to sleep like this. Experts say that it gives pressure on the body mainly on the internal organs. Unlike the first position, resting on the stomach, the internal organs will not breathe freely since the ribcage is somehow trapped it can’t expand since a person is applying pressure on it while on this position.

  1. Sleeping sideways.

This is the most common sleeping position. It is adapted by millions around the globe and can put someone into the deep sleep in no time. Helpful tips with this kind of position, always have a straight back even if the feet are moved closed to the body.

One can also have a pillow between the legs to relieve the discomfort between it. Avoid sleeping facing the left side because in doing so it means putting too much stress on the internal organs, namely the lungs and liver. While sleeping facing the right side will not only give you comfort, but it will also relieve the spinal and hip concerns.

Moreover, always remember that every best sleeping position has its own positive and negative side. Knowing what position that is perfect for your sleeping needs so you can follow it has a healthy and peaceful rest for a brighter morning.


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