Are 100% Krill Oil Supplements Good for You?


As science and technology develop, so do more ways of tackling problems with the least collateral damage become devised. The same can be said of the medical field. Researchers are seeking the best way to heal, cure and curtail minor and even deadly diseases with the least possible side effects.

For this purpose, they refer to natural herbs, chemicals, and oils; an example of this is that of Krill oil.


Krill is a small sized crustacean which happens to live on the sea-bed, such as the Southern and Pacific Oceans. It is around two to six centimeters in length and has been found to be a good source of fish oil which has been well publicized and researched in recent times. Many supplements are made from this oil which can enable efficient functioning of the human body and mind.


A pure Krill oil does exceptionally advantageous to us all for the benefits of the essential fatty acids present in it. However, studies show that even 100% Krill oil supplements only contain 9% of Omega 3 fatty acids while in comparison fish oil holds around 27% of Omega 3.

Like any other oils and foods which contain DHA fat, 100% Krill oil also possess anti-inflammatory properties which assist in joint pains and chronic diseases like arthritis. As you may know, DHA fats are more readily accepted by the human body; therefore instead of emphasizing the amount and concentration of Krill oil that you must intake, you should focus more on the levels of DHA you consume. The human brain fat comprises of up to 60% of these unique fats.

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