‘Tree swing’ enlivens vacant downtown storefront


Audio slideshow by Anthony Ratnaraj
Murphy News Service 

Public artist Aaron Dysart has created “Tree Swing” — a new window installation in a vacant storefront on the east side of 7th Street been Nicollet and Hennepin.

The project is part of the Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Made Here initiative, which provides space for local artists to showcase their talents and a destination for residents and tourists to enjoy.

The “Tree Swing” is designed to show how humans can integrate with nature. The tree is in a swing with a blue-sky background near a bus stop.

Dysart, a University of Minnesota alumnus, said he created the piece by answering the question, “What would a tree might want?”

He said, “I finally gave the tree something to swing on itself to have a good time.”

Anthony Ratnaraj is studying journalism at the University of Minnesota.



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