Historical Cycle Route in the North American Underground Railroad



Between two North American countries, this bike route takes place, USA, and Canada, to the delight of lovers of this sport. The adventurous traveler who wants to know the world on two wheels has here more than a route; it can be described as a unique and surely very enriching experience.

Get ready for the road, and you will live unforgettable experiences, some better and others worse because you will have to be stubborn, conscientious and tenacious to reach the goal.


This great itinerary has a length of 3,310 km. Hence you have to be very trained, prepared and have a strong motivation for achieving your goal. In the end, these special holidays can have their reward, but only those who manage to start and finish can explain it to us.

What can be said is that it is considered one of the most spectacular bike routes in the world. The Adventure Cycling Association has been concerned to develop this great journey that departs from the city of Mobile in Alabama to end in Owen Sound (Ontario) , has been designed in memory and honor to the slaves who tried to achieve their freedom with courage and in all those who were not and helped them, in mind of the rights of these people.

Therefore, along this road we can relive the history of those who suffered and died to achieve equality in their rights concerning the white man, the historical value of the route makes it authentic. For the foreigners of these countries will have the opportunity to know the American history of African-Americans extrapolated today to other conflicts where it is not respected different religions, races, sex or conditions of the human being.

The Underground Railroad route is pure cycle tourism from the state of Alabama, the protagonist of the story written in blood letters by the American people themselves to the Canadian region of Ontario. It is a well-signposted road, with beacons and marks to avoid getting lost. It also passes through cities and towns where to stay, regain strength or solve the typical problems of any trip.

Making the route only once will mean spending many days, but it will be worth it. As always, it is in your hands how far you want to take this adventure.


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